step, hop or jump to the next level

Extend yourpractice with My 21 or 28-Day challenges

Master yoga faster with my unique 21 or 28-day challenges.

Designed to keep the momentum of flow going through your daily life, these challenges are quick 15 minute bursts of yogic energy to push you (gently) out of your comfort zone, deep into a pose that will enhance your strength, flexibility and endurance.

Like a HIIT yoga session every single day!

Hour long yoga sessions are fantastic for conditioning the body and mind. But sometimes you just need a short, sharp burst of intensity to wake up your system.

Just like when you practice High-Intensity Interval Training, a 15-minute yoga challenge every day will give you the energy and focus you need to recharge or unwind. Take from it what you need.

Start your streak this week – How does it work?

If you can find just 15 minutes in your day, you can begin an energising yoga streak with me…

We kick off with a live session, talking through a range of targeted stretches.

Then each day, I’ll send you a 15-minute video showing you how to get into the Pose of The Day.

Can’t make it to the session? No worries – you can catch up with a video.

After 6 days, we meet up again and learn 6 more stretches, with the next set of videos sent out.

We repeat this for 21 or 28 days.

Expect heightened consciousness, deeper flexibility, enhanced energy and a new outlook on life*

*Subject to availability – but hey, it’s definitely one way to keep your mind positive!