how can the old indian practice of yoga

help our young minds of tomorrow

Let’s start our little yogis young…

These days, our lives are busier than ever. The digital age has opened up a world of opportunities for kids – but balance and health are still the cornerstones of a happy, content life.

Yoga can help kids connect their bodies and minds and enjoy a much-needed breather from the stress of school, socialising and all those big dilemmas about when they grow up.

I’ve taught Yoga to kids for over 20 years, in a variety of schools and Universities, and I see first-hand how it benefits their bodies and minds:

Increased Focus, Health & Stability

  • Fun way to relax
  • Helps to improve attention span
  • Helps them connect body and mind
  • Improves self-esteem and empathy
  • Reduces stress and anxiety

Where I’ve taught:

  • Buckingham University
  • Bloxham School
  • Headington Girls School
  • Shenley Church End School
  • BWY Teaching at regular events and their National Yoga Weekend
  • Work with National Health England, teaching trainee doctors the benefits of regular Yoga or Pilates practice
  • Work with the NHS, creating a library of videos and practices

Teaching kids that exercise needn’t be a chore or something to be overly competitive about is the no1 way to encourage them towards a healthy lifestyle.

Many students after learning yoga as a child, carry on the practice as adults and use the fantastic benefits throughout their daily lives.

*Andreas is DBS screened /checked details upon request. 

Let’s build the next generation of Yogis, together! Give your students the opportunity to experience something outside of the curriculum – for fun, flexibility and increased focus.
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