'The classes that Reas leads have good structure and he works hard to make sure that they are good fun!  He will always introduce modifications for each exercise to make sure that everyone has a challenge and  can work to their own level.   Even on Zoom, he takes time during his classes to observe the participants and help them develop their own practice in an encouraging way"
"Andreas is a great pilates instructor. He makes the classes accessible, yet challenging and all with a generous dose of warmth and humour"
"I've been attending Reas’s classes (Stretch & Breath & Hati Yoga) for about 10 years but since the pandemic I now do his Breath & Stretch on Zoom. I suffer from Scoliosis due to arthritis in my spine & my specialist has said without these classes I would not be able to do all the things I can & that my back would be much worse. Thank you Reas for your understanding & encouragement in helping to keep me agile & in far less pain. Your exercises help to alleviate pain.  A very grateful student."
Kiera (a very fit 77 year old)
"I have been practicing with Reas for around 14 years, and in all this time have always found his classes to be energetic, enthusiastic, challenging, inspiring and….. very entertaining"
'’I've been practising yoga with Andreas for nearly four years and can recommend wholeheartedly his practical, adaptable and friendly approach to instruction. He is as proficient guiding experienced yog(in)is as introducing beginners to the benefits of practice, and is unfailingly cheerful, positive and inspiring."
"He is also very funny, it says here!"
CK Soulden
'’The online Zoom exercise classes that I’ve followed with Andreas/Reas in the last year have been a total pleasure. There’s a helpful variety of classes, the standard of tuition is high and sessions are carefully structured so that you improve incrementally without stress or strain. Teaching is serious and professional - instructions often accompanied by cheerful chat which helps everything along! Andreas/Reas is able to see exactly what attendees are doing wrong - or right. This is about as good as a home-based online class could get!"